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About Us

Command Ombudsman (For Internal Staff Use Only)

The Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton Command Support Team (CST) is a group comprised of the Naval Hospital's Commanding Officer, the Executive Officer and their spouses, the Command Master Chief, the Command Family Readiness Officer, the Family Readiness Assistants and our Command Ombudsman.

The group serves as a community resource linking staff members, patients, families and community residents to the Naval Hospitals senior leadership. We assist our families and customers by providing current information about hospital services and business operations, as well as providing timely, accurate responses to questions and concerns. CST members are available to address concerns, meet with individuals or groups, and assist with issues from updates on services to fielding suggestions that may improve or enhance our facility.

The Family Readiness Officer (FRO) is a link to the Command's families, the community and the Command's Leadership and staff. The FRO provides information on resources and referrals as needed to the Command's families and constituents. Advises the Command's leadership on family programs and events, and is the team leader for the Family Readiness Assistants and the Command Ombudsman. The FRO is the channel for official information from the command to the families, utilizing the FRA's and the Command Ombudsman, the FRO disseminates timely and critical information, regularly, via telephone and e-mail. The FRO also serves as a referral source to military and civilian support organizations like, Fleet and Family Support Centers, American Red Cross, Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society, Chaplains, medical facilities, and legal assistance offices. These organizations are valuable resources in obtaining assistance for command family members and providing support to family members seeking professional assistance and counseling.

The Navy Family Ombudsman is vital to the welfare of the command's families, and in this unique role, as an officially appointed volunteer, the duties are wide-ranging. The Ombudsman knows when to provide information, when to be a referral source and how to be receptive to family members when they call.


Serves as a communications link between the families and the command, an Ombudsman, in their official role, are not counselors or social workers, but act as an advocate for the command families by using their knowledge of the system, and their ability to help access the appropriate level of the chain of command for intervention. The Ombudsman is also knowledgeable in forwarding suitable requests or grievances up the chain of command while exercising confidentiality.

Supports command-sponsored groups and activities and advertise support group activities, as permitted by the command. You can contact a CST member by phone or e-mail utilizing the information below. A CST representative will generally get back to you by the next business day.

I Marine Expeditionary Force:

Family Readiness Web Site and Toll-Free Information Line:

The MEF has established a toll-free information line to access current information.For access, please call (866) 676-0662, then dial the number for the corresponding units below.

1 for I MEF
2 for I MHG
3 for 1st MARDIV
4 for 3rd MAW
5 for 1st FSSG
6 for 11th MEU
7 for 13th MEU
8 for 15th MEU
9 for 1st MARDIV units

  The Navy Fleet and Family Support Center:
The Fleet and Family Support Program (FFSP) provides unified, customer-focused, consistent, and efficient FFSP programs and services to support sustained mission and Navy readiness. We provide the right services at the right time, to strengthen personal and family competencies to meet the unique challenges of the military lifestyle.
  Family Team Building:
The Marine Corps Family Team Building mission is to enhance Marine Corps Family Readiness, to prepare our families so that they can successfully meet the challenges of the military lifestyle and to enhance mission readiness. MCFTB programs provide educational resources and services to foster personal growth and enhance the readiness of Marine Corps families. These programs are supported at all major installations by Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) through a staffed MCFTB office.
  Exceptional Family Member Program:
The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) was established in 1987 to assist active duty service members in providing for the special needs of family members before, during and after relocation required by a change of duty assignment to a new location. The program ensures every attempt is made to mesh military career and special needs whenever possible
(user id: military password: onesource); The Military Services (Navy, Marine Corps, Army and Air Force) have put together a "One stop information shopping" network. You may contact this site at (800) 342 - 9647 or by going on line via the above link.
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Contact Us

Command Family Readiness Officer:

HM1 (FMF) Kathleen Peterson
760 - 719 - 3718
Ombudsman Cell
(For Internal Staff Use Only)
760 - 421 - 9816


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.
For Appointments, 24-hour Information and Assistance,
please call 760 - 725 - HELP (4357)

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