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To make an appointment call 760 - 725 - HELP (4357) between the hours of 7:30 am and 4:00 pm weekdays. Select Option 3.

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Health Clinics

Branch Health Clinic Yuma

Welcome and thank you for choosing the Navy Branch Health Clinic as your Patient & Family Centered Medical Home. We are committed to provide the very best care in a modern, friendly, professional and empathic environment, recognizing the dignity of every person. Clinical services for eligible beneficiaries include but are not limited to Primary Care, Mental Health, Optometry, Physical Therapy, Radiology, Laboratory, Preventive Health, Pharmacy, Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene
To better communicate with our Primary Care Team and your Primary Care Manager, please enroll in MHS GENESIS Patient Portal by going on-line and visiting the following website:  patientportal.mhsgenesis.health.mil.
MHS GENESIS Patient Portal is a great way to review your (1) health record, (2) send messages or documents to our Primary Care Staff, (3) request prescription refills, (4) fill out forms before your appointments, (5) access educational content, and (6) complete an eVisit.
Premium Access (Level 2) is required to view the health record. For questions regarding the DS Logon, visit www.dmdc.osd.mil/milconnect or contact the Defense Manpower Data Center at 800 - 538 - 9552.
Primary Patient-Centered Medical Home: Following national healthcare recommendations, we have adopted a team-based approach to care. This model allows us to ensure that our patients receive comprehensive primary care services from a professionally diverse team consisting of a Primary Care Manager (PCM), Nurse, Hospital Corpsman and support staff.  In person and virtual appointments are available Monday through Friday during normal clinical hours. Clinic is closed on weekends and federal holidays. For scheduling, please call our appointment line at 928 - 269 - 2700 or visit us online at https://patientportal.mhsgenesis.health.mil.

Optometry appointments: 928 - 269 - 2733.

MHS Genesis Patient Portal: To access the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal, visit https://patientportal.mhsgenesis.health.mil. Beneficiaries can log in to the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal using their DS Logon. Premium Access (Level 2) is required to view the health record. For questions regarding the DS Logon, visit www.dmdc.osd.mil/milconnect or contact the Defense Manpower Data Center at 800 - 538 - 9552.

Referral for Specialty Care: If your PCM requests a referral for you to see a specialist, you should register at https://www.Tricare-west.com to view, print and/or change the provider on your referral. Once you have your approved referral you may call the provider’s office directly to schedule your appointment. Tricare no longer sends referral authorizations via postal mail so it will be your responsibility to track and ensure the referral is approved. Seeing a specialist without an authorized referral may result in your being responsible for applicable charges from the specialist.  If there are questions/concerns regarding your referral you may call Health Net Federal Services / Tricare at 844 - 866 - 9378.

Mental Health: Our Mental Health Department provides comprehensive, safe, and evidenced based outpatient mental health services for active duty service members. A referral from your PCM is required to ensure your care is coordinated optimally. Please contact one of our professionals at 928 - 269 - 5490 if you have questions.

Family members and retirees enrolled for care at our clinic may consult with their PCM to coordinate care or may self-refer to a network mental health provider. More information is also available at www.tricare.mil/mentalhealth.

Physical Therapy: Active duty service members may in engage in physical therapy as needed with a referral from your PCM. Please contact 928 - 269 - 6577 if you have questions.

Immunizations: Protection against a wide variety of diseases can be prevented with appropriate vaccinations. We offer a number of vaccines including annual influenza, normal childhood vaccines and those required for overseas assignment. Ask your PCM to ensure you and your family are vaccinated appropriately. Identification and vaccine cards. To ensure appropriate documentation and safety, please bring these items with you. Questions?  Please call 928 - 269 - 3168. Detailed information about vaccines can be found at www.cdc.gov.

COVID Vaccine: COVID Vaccines are scheduled in the same manner as other immunizations by calling 928 - 269 - 3168 and scheduling an appointment.  

Pharmacy: Prescriptions ordered by your PCM or by a network provider can be filled and picked up at our pharmacy. Your provider may authorize a limited number of refills on certain medications, and when that time comes, you must utilize the toll-free number 866 - 286 - 8249 and follow the instructions, allowing up to three business days for most refills.  Renewals are new prescriptions for the same medication, and must be written by your provider. 

Radiology and Laboratory Services:  Your PCM may order Xrays and/or Laboratory studies to be performed in our clinic. Simply report to these areas after the Xray and/or labs are ordered and the technicians will assist you. Our clinic does not offer MRIs, CT Scans, and Ultrasounds therefore the referral process outlined above will be utilized for referral to the network.

Occupational Health: 928 - 269 - 2557. Audiograms: 928 - 269 - 3187. Industrial Hygiene: 928 - 269 - 5777 / 3610 (Bldg. 460)

After hours care: The Nurse Advice Line (NAL) is a Tricare benefit allowing access to a qualified nurse 24 hours a day.  Simply call 800 - 874 - 2273 Option 1. Services include triage for next day appointments, referrals to urgent care, or advice about whether to seek emergency care. Active duty members require prior authorization to utilize Urgent Care. Non Active Duty members do not require prior authorization. We do not offer emergency services in our clinic. If you have a medical emergency please call 9-1-1 or visit the nearest emergency room. All follow-up care must be coordinated through your PCM.

Medical Records: We regard the privacy of your health information as a privileged priority in accordance with Federal HIPAA Regulations. Because the records are the property of the United States Government, you may request copies or authorize release of information but may not possess or hand carry the originals. Please utilize a formal Records Request Form (DD Form 2870) obtained from the front desk in the Main Lobby to request medical records from other military treatment facilities (MTFs) or outside providers. Allow up to 30 days for processing and receipt of these records.

Important Reminders!
-Primary Care Appointments: 928 - 269 - 2700 or patientportal.mhsgenesis.health.mil
-Tricare Referrals: www.tricare-west.com     
-MHS Genesis Patient Portal & Secure Messaging: patientportal.mhsgenesis.health.mil
-Nurse Advice Line: 800 - 874 - 2273      
-DEERS verification at every visit.
-Patients 14 years of age and older must present a valid military or dependent ID Card in order to receive care.

Skip The Wait And Activate Your New Prescription Ahead Of Time

Q-Anywhere is available for use by all beneficiaries.

  • For orders placed within the last 7 days, please use Q-Anywhere.

​Ensure you select MCAS Yuma Pharmacy from the drop down menu.

Q-Anywhere must be used during Pharmacy Business Hours: 
Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm     
Closed Saturday, Sundays and all Federal Holidays

For orders placed more than 7 days ago, please use the electronic prescription drop off form.

Prescription Drop Off Form


For all refill medications, please call the refill line number 866-286-8249 & allow for three (3) business days for pharmacy pick-up. Please ensure you select MCAS Yuma Pharmacy for pick up location.

Important Numbers

Clinic Appointment Line: 928 - 269 - 2700
Front Desk: 928 - 269 - 2416.
Nurse Advice Line: 800 - 874 - 2273.
TRICARE: 844 - 866 - 9380​

Important Reminder:
For All Clinic Services, Patients 10 Years of Age and Older Must Present with a Valid and Current Military or Dependent ID Card in Order to Receive Care and Services. DEERS verification is also Required.
Contact Us:
Phone: 928 - 269 - 6548 

Overseas/Suitability Screening (OSS) Process:

Please feel free to call our office if you need assistance or have questions.

Part 1:
All must be completed before an appointment can be made with a provider.
  1.  Completely fill out, sign, and send the OSS profile sheet and Statement of Understanding to the email listed above.
  2. Complete the “Active Duty Service Member OSS Packet” for the sponsor entirely, to include listing any dependents on the NAVPERS 1300/16.  
    The required documents for the Active Duty OSS Packet include the following:
    DD FORM 2807, NAVMED 1300-1 Medical Dental and Educational Suitability Screening, NAVMED 1300/2, and NAVPERS 1300-16 Report of Suitability for Overseas Assignment.
  3. Complete a “Dependent OSS Packet”  for all dependents included in overseas orders.  
    The required documents for the Dependent OSS Packet include the following: DD 2792-1 Education Summary, DD 2792 – EFMP, and NAVMED 1300/2.
  4. Schedule a dental appointment for every family member (regardless of TRICARE enrollment). If dependents are seen out in town, provide dental records at the time of appointment.
  5. Ensure any readiness items are completed for the sponsor’s Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) (HIV blood draw must be completed within 1 year of PCS date). IMR can be found on Marine Online for USMC or BUPERS Online for Navy.
Part 2
To be completed after Part 1:
  1. If not seen at Branch Health Clinic Yuma or another military treatment facility, collect any medical records from civilian providers to include chronic medical conditions, ongoing treatments, behavioral health records, etc. marked on the DD Form 2807. Turn completed “Active Duty Service Member OSS Packet” and “Dependent OSS Packet” in to the OSS office. The Dental Screening must be completed prior to drop off.
  2. Be prepared to schedule required immunizations, labs, or drop off records that may be required for your travel.
  3. The OSS screener will review all records and contact you to schedule an appointment with a provider. The appointment will be virtual (over the telephone).
  4. A medical inquiry through the gaining command indicated by the reviewing Medical Officer may delay turnover of your screening packets. A clearance from the gaining command is required before travel in some cases.

Contact Us


Mon - Fri: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Closed: Holidays and Weekends
* No blood collection in Lab on Friday afternoons and before holidays after 2:00 pm.

Telephone Number(s)

Front Desk: 928 - 269 - HELP (2416)

Appointment Line: 928 - 269 - 2700

Optometry appointments: 928 - 269 - 2733           

Nurse Advice Line: 800 - 874 - 2273


Building 1175
PO Box 99116
MCAS Yuma, AZ 85369 - 9116
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