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Health Services

Physical and Occupational Therapy

​Welcome to the Naval Hospital Physical and Occupational Therapy Department

Our staff is here to provide you the best rehabilitation services. Over half of our licensed therapists hold advanced board certifications in either Orthopedic (OCS) or Sports (SCS) Physical Therapy or Certified Hand Therapists (CHT). Additionally, several of our staff also holds supplementary certifications as Athletic Trainers and Strength and Conditioning Specialists.
Services Provided- Rehabilitation services will be provided under the direct supervision and care of a licensed Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist. Additionally the Therapist may may order appropriate radiological and laboratory studies, refer to other specialty providers, order medications within their scope of practice, and to see patients without physician referral.
1. General Orthopedic, Sports or Physical Training Injuries of an acute or chronic nature. These injuries will be for both spine and all extremities.
2. Mild to moderate neurological conditions such as peripheral neuropathies, mild gait and balance disturbances related to chronic neurologic conditions. 
2. Combat injuries or musculoskeletal disease non-battle injuries (DNBI) that can be physically rehabilitated in general orthopedic outpatient environment.
3. Training Injuries sustained in other types of unit training (Parachuting, Rappelling, etc.)
4. Off duty accidents/injuries to include but not limited to Motor Vehicle/Motorcycle accidents.
5. Chronic Musculoskeletal conditions of a degenerative or inflammatory nature that does not disqualify the member for continued military service.
Scope of Services - Rehabilitation services will provided within the scope, credentialing, and appropriate skill and training level of the therapist to include but not limited to the following.
1. Soft tissue management of ligament, muscle, and tendon injuries of the spine and extremities utilizing ASTYM. Graston, Active Release or other methods for advanced soft tissue management of dysfunctional soft tissue.
2. Rehabilitation management of fractures of the spine and all extremities.
3. Manual therapy of the spine and extremities to include joint mobilization, spinal and extremity manipulation, and other manual therapy methods.
4. Movement analysis screens and management of movement dysfunction.
5. Therapeutic Exercise prescription and education for the spine and all extremities
6. Hot and Cold Modalities
7. Electrophysiological modalities
8. Balance Testing
9. Basic Gait Training
10. Basic pelvic floor retraining, Women’s Health Physical Therapy
11. Basic Wheelchair and gait device fitting and prescription recommendation
12. Nerve Conduction Velocity and EMG Services
13. Vision Therapy
14. Driver Evaluations
15. Activity of Daily Living Training

Excepted Services

1. The NHCP PT and OT Department is not equipped or staffed to provided comprehensive outpatient neurological rehabilitation services for stroke, spinal cord injury, or other complex Neurological conditions.
2. The NHCP PT and OT Department does not have the capacity to perform Pediatric Physical Therapy but several quality pediatric therapy centers are located within southern California. 
The Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton Department Head of Physical and Occupational Therapy works with referral management and the referring providers to ensure patients are appropriately referred for rehabilitative services either in the clinic or to the network.

Contact Us

Phone Numbers:

Main Hospital H-200:
760 - 719 - 3382 / 3387 / 4117

13 Area Branch Clinic:
760 - 763 - 6605

21 Area Branch Clinic:
760 - 725 - 2276

52 Area Branch Clinic (SMART):
760 - 725 - 7029 / 7056

Hours of Operation:

Weekdays 6:30 am - 5:00 pm


Building H-200
1st Floor
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