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General Information

The Optometry Department is comprised of the Optometry Clinic and Spectacle Fabrication Lab. We provide comprehensive eye exams and urgent care as well as fabricating and ordering glasses for eligible beneficiaries.

Routine eye care services are currently available to Active Duty personnel only.  Patients needing routine eye exams are seen by appointment only.  Please call the Appointment Center at 1-760-725-4357 to schedule an appointment.  If you need to schedule a follow up appointment or if you have an urgent eye problem during normal working hours call the optometry clinic directly at 760-719-3514.  For after-hours urgent eye care problems go directly to the Emergency Room.

Active duty personnel are eligible to order one new pair of glasses in their frame of choice (FOC) and one new pair in standard issue frames each year. Gas Mask inserts and ballistic inserts are provided to personnel who are deployable. Retirees are eligible to order one new pair of glasses each year in the standard frame. To order glasses or inserts, a current prescription (with-in the past two years) from either a military or a civilian doctor is required. If you have a current prescription, then no appointment is required to order glasses. Simply bring the prescription to the clinic.

On The Day Of Your Exam

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your exam time to fill our paperwork and complete the screening process.
Always bring your most recent pair of glasses to the exam.
Patients requesting contact lens updates should wear their contact lenses and bring their contact lens information (written prescription, blister packs and/or contact lens boxes) to their exam

Refractive Surgery

Refractive surgery at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton is restricted to active duty personnel only. To be eligible for surgery one must:

  1.  Have a stable prescription (if your last exam was with a civilian eye doctor, bring a copy of that exam to your appointment)
  2. Have good ocular health
  3. Have at least 12 months remaining on active duty at the time of the surgery.
  4. Have a prescription that meets the qualifications for surgery.
If you have refractive surgery and assuming no complications occur, patients are eligible to deploy within one month of having LASIK and two months of having PRK.

Contact Us

Comprehensive eye exams, urgent care, fabrication and ordering of glasses for eligible beneficiaries.

Phone Number:

Naval Hospital Optometry Clinic Front Desk: (760) 719-3514

Hours of Operation:

Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton Optometry Clinic
Mon-Fri 7:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

52 Area Optometry Clinic (Temporarily Closed)

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