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Health Services

Tobacco Cessation

Are you ready to make a total transformation? What if we told you that you can become nicotine/tobacco free in as little as 3-6 weeks from today?! Whether you smoke cigarettes, vape, or use dip/chew, the HPW Department can help you break that nasty habit for good.

Quit Smart Presents a wide variety of cognitive & behavioral coping methods.  Participants are encouraged to try each coping method several times and then select the method(s) that seem effective for them. For one ex-smoker, the preferred coping methods might be deep breathing and positive self-talk. Another ex-smoker might prefer seeking help from supportive relatives and thinking about the advantages of quitting.

If you are Active Duty Personnel, Family Members, Retirees and/or NHCP Staff, you are eligible to participate in this program. We can provide the medication/NRT to you instead directly if medication is the right answer for you!

We offer a customized quit plan made uniquely for you, in a judgement-free environment. You can participate in the program in-person or do a consultation virtually.
For more information or to schedule an individual class or a group class, please contact Chris Chandler at christophe.t.chandler.civ@mail.mil or call 760 - 719-4137.

You can also find additional online resources to help you quit at Navy Marine Corps Public Health Center - For You (Self-Help)

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